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Welcome to Woodpecker Class


A very warm welcome to Woodpecker's class page! We hope you can enjoy using this as a platform to keep up with all the wonderful things that go on in year 1.


The grown ups you'll get to know

Miss Fairhall Mon-Wednesday

Mrs Carnegie Thursday-Friday 

Mrs Hynard Mon-Friday

Miss Byatt Mon-Friday



Our topic for the spring term is 'The Poles'. In this exciting topic we will learn about the history of the Inuit people, their culture and how this has changed over the years. In D&T we will design and make our own model boats which we will test to see if they meet the harsh standards needed to set sail in the poles! We will learn about Arctic animals and their habitats and finally we will be looking at explorers such as Ernest Shackleton and his expedition in comparison to other explorers. 


In English we are covering a number of units covering poetry, fiction and non-fiction. In poetry the children really grew in confidence in their performing skills. We learnt how to write letters using a variety of popular texts- the children grew quite found of Mr Postmouse! After half term we will be starting two non-fiction units one looking at instruction writing and the other learning about nocturnal animals! I am hoping to arrange a night time walk with the children around the village before the nights get lighter. Please keep your eyes peeled for more info! 


In math we have covered lots of addition and subtraction using a variety of different methods such as the part-whole model, using a number line and using tens frames. We have focused quite heavily on problem solving and reasoning. This ensures that children's learning is embedded and they are not just learning facts but really understanding why. We are moving on to Tens and Ones and we might even sneak in some counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in preparation for learning our times tables. The children still need to learn and know their number bonds so please don't stop learning and practicing these at home. Keep your eyes open for your child's Mountain Passport targets to work on at home too.


Phonics plays a huge part in year 1 as it builds the foundations that children need to have solidly embedded in order to read and write. We have been recapping the Phase 3 phonemes the children learnt in Reception class (sh, th, ai, oi etc) it is very important that your child knows these. After half term we will be moving on to phase 5 which introduces the new graphemes for those Phase 3 phonemes (phoneme is the letter sound, grapheme is the written representation of the sound) e.g in Reception your child would have learnt ai, now we will teach them that it can also be ay, a_e, eigh etc. This is why it is very important that they are secure in Phase 3. Please pop in and see one of us if you need some support. We have since moved on to phase 5 and have finished learning the new sounds. We are going to have 2 phonics sessions per day after half term to ensure that all of phase 3 and phase 5 are secure and embedded.


This half term in science we are using the theme 'Celebrations' to explore a number of curriculum areas including, light, everyday materials and plants. We will be using our scientific skills to observe simple things, using equipment, classifying and performing simple tests. (To be updated)


In RE we will be exploring the question 'Why does Christmas matter to Christians?' We will be looking at the story of the birth of Jesus and why this is so important to Christians. We will also look at what we are personally thankful for at this special time. (To be updated)


We are all very excited about the weather starting to warm up! Please don't be fooled just yet- ensure your child has the correct outerwear for that days temperature. Please could you also all ensure that your child has a named water bottle and a full PE kit in school everyday. This includes outdoor footwear. As a reminder please check our uniform policy and make sure that your child comes into school in the correct gear.


Kind Regards


Miss Fairhall and the year 1 team



A snapshot of a great first half term! Forest School re-building the little people's village, problem solving using people in maths and firework painting on the computers.