Tewin Cowper

CofE Primary School

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Creative Curriculum

At Tewin Cowper, we teach as many cross-curricular opportunities as we can. Therefore, the majority of our foundation subject teaching is taught within our Topics. Below are the topics we are planning to teach this year. This is subject to change. 


Autumn A

Autumn B

Spring A

Spring B

Summer A

Summer B

Year 1

On the Farm

Art: Printing

History: Living Memory

Artic Adventures

Geography: Continents of the world, weather

History: Great Explorers


Geography: Coastlines, Seven seas, maps

DT: Structures

Year 2

The Gunpowder Plot

Art: Sculpture

History: events beyond living memory

Elizabeth I

Geog: Countries of United Kingdom

History: Lives of significant individuals



Geography: geographical similarities and differences UK and non-Europe,

DT: Textiles

Year 3

Stone Age – Iron Age

Art: Collage

History: changes in Britain from the Stone Age –Iron Age

Extreme Earth – Volcanoes

Geog:World’s countries, physical and human Geog - Volcanoes




History: Achievements of early civilizations

Geography: Compare human and physical geog with UK

DT: Textiles 2D to 3D

Year 4


Art: Mosaics

Geography: Italy, compare to UK

History: Roman Empire and impact on Britain


Mountains, Rivers and Coasts

Geography: Physical Geography,  compare UK to America/other country

Name and locate countries and cities of UK



Geog: Trade links – Fair Trade, understand geographical similarities and differences.

DT: Nutrition and Cooking

Year 5

Ancient Greeks

Art: Painting

History: A study of Greek Life and achievements

Geography: Similarities and differences Greece and UK, Locate Greece using Maps, major cities and surrounding countries.


Inventors and Inventions

Geography: Earth: identify the position and significance of latitude, longitude…

History: significant people


Anglo Saxons and Vikings

History: Settlement by Anglo-Saxons

History: Viking and Anglo Saxon struggle

Geography: Maps, Atlases and Globes to locate and describe features of Scandinavia

DT: Structures

Year 6

World Wars

Art: Sketching

History: Extend chronological knowledge beyond 1066

Geography: Locate countries and cities of Europe and beyond, map work

Meet the Artist

DT: Textiles - Fastenings

The Shang Dynasty

History: A non-European society

Geography: comparison with UK, physical and human features