Tewin Cowper

CofE Primary School

Small School Big Dreams


Here is the English learning for the next few days, there are 3 options of main activities as well as some additional activities that you can pick and choose from. You do not need to do all of these activities and you may wish to adapt them! 

Activity 1

Write me a Letter, I would LOVE to know how you've been and how you are feeling! You can type it, send it as an email or write it by hand and send a photo so I can see your best handwriting. Use fronted adverbials (helpful sheet below) to write me 3 paragraphs explaining,

1. How was your Christmas break? What was your favourite part and was it different for you?
2. How are you feeling about Home Learning and the schools closing? 
3. Is there anything you would love to do during this time? Improve your drawing skills, read more, invent a new game?



Activity 2 
Pobble 365: On this page you will see a strange and mysterious picture that will inspire you! Choose 2 writing activities. Take your time to use your imagination and your most powerful language choices. You can choose from Hatched or The Beginning or do both if you like a challenge! There are PDF versions available below.

-The Beginning


Activity 3 - 

Reading Comprehension - The Moon

This Activity includes a text with follow up questions. You will be familiar with the content, as it is about The Moon; remember, it is not a test of your memory, so be careful to check back through the text before you answer. There are 3 levels of tricky, with 3 stars being the most challenging!