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Forest School 


Skylark Class joined the rest of the school in the forest at the beginning of Autumn Term. We were given the task of rebuilding a community in the forest that had been ruined by a storm. The class worked amazingly together and by the end of the session, we had roads, skyscrapers, villages, theatres, golf courses and swimming pools. Year 5 used their problem solving skills to decide how to use natural materials to create buildings and towns. 

Picture 1 Building the Empire Bug Building
Picture 2 Building the Mayor's Mansion
Picture 3 A community with a golf course and swimming pool
Picture 4 A campsite for the community
Picture 5 Exploring the forest for new discoveries
Picture 6 Building a campsite with cabins
Picture 7 One of the villages being built
Picture 8 Proud of their creation
Picture 9 Team work on a huge community