Tewin Cowper

CofE Primary School

Small School Big Dreams



Use this if you need support organising your table of results

Make tally charts

Draw pictograms


Draw bar charts activity

WATCH UP UNTIL 5 min 55 sec ONLY.
Then create your own bar chart for either the pets the staff have or their favourite animal.
CHALLENGE: Draw bar charts for both questions

Use Microsoft excel to create a table showing either the pets the staff have at school OR their favourite animal in the world. Create a graph on the computer. Remember to give it a title and labels etc. (Just like we did in school before Christmas)

Create your own animal survey. Maybe you can ask friends and family their favourite animal, or maybe ask them what animal they are afraid of, or even ask them what pets they have!

Record your data in a tally chart OR pictogram AND then create your own bar chart.