Tewin Cowper

CofE Primary School

Small School Big Dreams


Here are different activities for 3 different subject areas. You do not have to do all of them! Perhaps choose 3 that take your interest. There are some links and helpful videos on this page too!





Activity 1 
Find out about the following types of moon: blood moon; supermoon; blue moon and harvest moon. Why have they been called this? When do they happen? How often can you see a moon like that?

Activity 2
The company SpaceX are developing a new spacecraft to carry people to Mars. Imagine that you have been asked to provide travel guidance to interplanetary travellers. Create a leaflet about Mars to convince people to visit. Find out key facts and suggest the best places to visit and what to pack. Use persuasive language to appeal to your audience of potential visitors.

Activity 3
Before clocks and watches were invented, people used sundials to measure the passage of time. Make a shadow clock or sundial. Use your creation to tell the time and consider how accurate it is compared to modern clocks. Send me a picture or email to show me how your shadow clock or sundial works, describing the movement of the Earth relative to the Sun in your explanation.





In RE we will be asking the question "How do Sikhs demonstrate their commitment?"
Sikhism might be a new topic for Skylarks, so use this page to familiarise yourself with the Sikh faith.

Think about what commitment means to you. Can you make a list or spider diagram of commitments in your life? Eg. Practising Dance or Football, taking ownership and care of a pet.





Can you find out the names of 10 different animals in French? The more original, the better! What about a sloth or a camel? Once you have 10, sort them into 2 groups of masculine and feminine and present with style. You could draw a table, a poster, or make snap cards!

You may find the following link helpful!

🕰️ How to make a Sundial- Easy step by step