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CofE Primary School

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Ancient Greek Sculpting

On the Thursday 7th November we made bars of soap look like Greek Gods because we wanted to experience art in Ancient Greece and have lots of Greek fun!

"The eyes, nose and especially the mouth were hard because you have to kind of shape the mouth by digging around it and leaving the shape."


"I kept on trying."

"What is a bust? A bust is a sculpture but only of the head."

"We wanted to know what it felt like to be in their shoes." 



Ancient Greek Soap Sculpting

Ancient Greek Soap Sculpting 1
Ancient Greek Soap Sculpting 2
Ancient Greek Soap Sculpting 3
We have started off our Topic of The Ancient Greeks with a simple question: Should we open the box? Miss Vary introduced a very interesting looking box that was fastened with string. We discussed and debated reasons for and against opening a mystery box. There could be an undiscovered species inside! Ultimately the class voted to open the box, and just as in the Greek legend of Pandora's box, terrible things were unleashed. As in the legend, one thing remained: Hope!

"I think the lesson of the story is not all is bad."
"Perhaps it is a good thing because we have hope and if we didn't open the box we would have a boring world."
"I think the lesson of Pandora's box is don't let your weaknesses get ahead of what you want to know."


Should we open the box? (Pandora's Box)