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CofE Primary School

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Week 11 w/c 22/06/20

Hello Kingfishers!


Another week down, I hope you had a good week. I suppose it was trickier for you because the weather has been so rubbish! The thunderstorm on Wednesday was cool at school. Can you imagine if it was like this while we were supposed to be at Cuffley Camp? It's like a blessing in disguise that we aren't there! I have been to Cuffley Camp for the last 5 years out of 6 (because Cuffley was closed one year!) and we have never had such bad weather. Did you do anything at home to make you feel like you were camping? Next week's weather is supposed to be beautiful and especially hot on Wednesday - stay safe in the sun! 


I have seen quite a few Parakeets this week (Ringnecked Parakeets)! I heard a strange noise when I was getting out of my car one morning and I looked around then all of a sudden one flew out of the Chestnut tree that is at the front of the school. Since then, I have heard them while I have been in the classroom (as if they were on the roof of my classroom - that's how loud they were!) and today while we were outside a whole flock of them flew over! It was amazing, it makes me feel like I'm in a tropical country. I knew they were here in Britain but I've only ever seen them in Hyde Park, London, before. Now they're here in Tewin too! Have any of you seen them before?


Hopefully you have seen the Ping sent home recently that you guys will be coming in to visit on Tuesday 21st July 10:30am-12pm! The purpose of your visit is to come and say "hello" to your friends (and me!) and to visit your new classroom and teacher. I can't wait to see you!


Hopefully hear from you soon,

Miss T x

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