Tewin Cowper

CofE Primary School

Small School Big Dreams

Week 2 - 11th Jan-15th Jan

Dear parents,

Well done for making it through the first couple of days of home learning! This is a tricky time for all of us and we will all do our best and make it through each day the best way we can.


I have included on here, an overview which lists all the learning for the week. It looks like a lot but please don't be overwhelmed. I have included enough for those of you who want to do lots but please just do what you can. I have also included an instruction sheet to give you more information if you need it to explain the tasks in more detail.  If you cannot do much, prioritise the phonics and practise sounds and reading as I feel this is probably the most important skill to carry them forward.


I am hear to support you in any way I can so email any queries you have and I will respond to your emails as promptly as I can. I have already enjoyed seeing some of the children's work and would love to continue to see something they have managed to do each week. I am looking forward to seeing the children on the zoom check in at 9.25am each day, I've missed them this week! Please see the letter on ping for details.


At the time of writing I haven't quite finished uploading everything but will make sure it is all on by the end of Saturday.


Thank you and good luck.

Mrs Johnson