Tewin Cowper

CofE Primary School

Small School Big Dreams

Week 4 - 25th to 29th Jan

Dear parents,


I hope you are all keeping well and not going too crazy yet!


Thank you for all your lovely emails and for sending in the children's work. If you haven't sent any work yet, please can you send me something. The school expectation is that at least one piece of work should be sent each week. I am passing on work to Mrs Simpson for Headteacher's awards so this may help to motivate your children. I have already had many 'Headteacher award worthy' pieces of work so keep it coming and I will choose as many as I can.


Sadly, the story zoom time has not been very successful this week as I have had very few attendees. I will continue with story time this week to see if more join but if there is not enough interest I may consider stopping it so that I can just focus on reading to the children in school. I am reading Atticus Claw on a Monday and Wednesday and then Fantastic Mr Fox on a Tuesday and Thursday. Mrs Carnegie will read her own story on a Friday too.


For morning zoom check-ins I will introduce a couple of games or activities a couple of times a week to mix it up so it doesn't get too boring. This week I will be doing a multiple choice quiz on Tuesday and a hunt on Thursday. For the quiz, please can you help them to have 3 pieces of paper with the letters a, b and c written on them so they can hold up which option they think is the correct answer.


I have uploaded an extra maths activities sheet for anyone who wants a bit more challenge and there is also Numbots and Prodigy maths to keep them going. Cbeebies also had Space week last week which the children may enjoy as they loved our space topic last term.


As always, email with any queries or worries, take care and best wishes,

Mrs Johnson