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CofE Primary School

Small School Big Dreams

Week 4 Home Learning


Dear Parents, 


I hope you are all well and have been able to enjoy some of the nice weather. 


I hope the learning I have set has been both accessible but also challenging enough that the children don't get bored. It is so tricky to set something which suits every household. Lots of you will be working, tag teaming with other members of the household, sharing computers/ tabs, sharing quiet spaces, finding it hard to motivate the kids or find it difficult to get 5 mins off! I am right there with you! Don't feel bad.... please just do what you can do. I would much rather every ones mental health stayed in tact and we can work on catching up at a later date. 


I set the amount of learning so that there is choice for every one. Please don't feel you have to complete it all. The maths and the English lessons are sequential if you do decide to choose the lessons you fancy and they build on the skills from the previous lesson.


I have been listening to the children as they share their interests with me and this week Jude has requested some Dinosaur learning! Thanks Jude, I enjoyed doing a bit of research today!


The whole school are following the White Rose maths or consistency. I have seen lots of topic and English work.... I'd love some feedback on how you are finding the maths. 


Thank you for taking the time to email me work. I have tried hard to msg back quickly and respond to the children. If there is an email I have not replied to please remind me as I might of missed it. I have loved seeing what you're all up to! 


By the way kids...… Mrs Simpson has ordered Ralph a new outdoor cage! It is coming tomorrow! How exciting :) 


I am working at school this week with keyworker children and will be giving all the children a ring to say hi! 


Missing you all lots! 


Miss Fairhall x

The Way Back Home

An animation for my final project at uni (Portsmouth) based on the story by Oliver Jeffers 3DS Max