Tewin Cowper

CofE Primary School

Small School Big Dreams

Week 4 MAIN ACTIVITIES 27th April- 1st May

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you have been enjoying the glorious weather.

Thank you for all of the emails the children sent me this week showing all of the fantastic learning that is going on. I hope I managed to reply to them all. Please keep sending them to me. I’m happy for the children/you to email as often as they/you need to. I know sometimes learning from the start of the week gets forgotten about by the time Friday comes around, so email any day in the week!

I hope that the activities I set each week are working for you and your family. It is rather challenging setting the tasks each week to suit everyone as best as possible.  Please do not feel that you have to complete every single piece of work. The Bitesize English work seemed to be well received last week, so I have continued to follow that scheme as each daily lesson seems well pitched. The whole school are following the White Rose Maths scheme, so there is a consistent approach across every class.

Any constructive feedback is welcomed.

Last week the pressure of home schooling 2 different aged children, house work, preparing food (constantly), buying food, doing my school work etc really hit me. I was putting too much pressure on my children to get their work done and we snapped at one another and it wasn’t very nice. We decided to take an afternoon off ‘learning’ and just enjoyed being with each other. Please do not feel pressurised to do everything if you feel it is too much or not working for your family. Some weeks will be more productive than others. The happiness and wellbeing of you and your family far outweighs getting all of the work done each week. I'm here if you need any advice or support as we are all in this together and probably experiencing similar struggles.

I am in school this week and I’m hoping to give the children a phone call to say hello at some point.

Take care

Mrs Will x