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Week 5 MAIN ACTIVITIES 4th-8th May

Dear all,

It was lovely to speak to you this week after such a long time. I loved speaking to some of the children too, they aren’t usually that quiet at school! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything. If you would like another phone call, or if your child would like to speak to me, please email me and I will call you when I am back in school.

I say this every week, but I really do love receiving emails from the children telling me what they’ve been up to and seeing photos! Remember these photos do not need to be just of ‘work’ but can be of any activity eg going for a walk, playing a game, Lego challenge etc!

I’d like to reiterate that there is no pressure or expectation from me that your child completes all or any of the work I set. Every household works differently and I appreciate some of you are still working and/or have other children to manage too! Do whatever works for you and your family. I know it’s easier said than done but please don’t feel pressured and compare your child’s learning to other children. Social media doesn’t always reflect reality! Every child is unique. Some days will be more productive than others.

I’m looking forward to receiving lots of emails today.

Work for w/b 4th May will be uploaded onto the website later today (Fri 1st May).

Friday 8th May is VE Day and a Bank Holiday, but I have still planned in 5 English and Maths lessons. Please do whatever works for your family and if you want to have Friday off, then please do! We are planning on having our 'Stay at Home' Street party on Friday.

Please take care

Kind regards

Mrs Will

This week I have organised resources into folders, so hopefully you'll be able to locate things more easily.

I have also added a folder for online reading books. These go up to lime level.

There's a 'Reading comp' folder with 6 different comprehension tasks in if you feel your child could benefit from doing one.

Finally, I've added a folder called 'Fun activities' containing wordsearches, crosswords, sudoku etc.

Please note that the comprehensions and some of the fun activities have the answers on the next page so please make sure your child doesn't see them first! wink