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Week 5 w/c 04/05/20

6 weeks down....not sure how many to go!


I have received some lovely work from the children this week. It seems that the Reading, Writing and Maths (RWM) timetable has gone down well with a lot of you so thank you for your feedback. 


This week on the 'Weekly Home Learning Activities' we have gone with a VE Day focus, therefore I have removed RE and Topic from this week. On the suggested timetable, I have slotted in 4 sessions for VE Day activities but obviously feel free to do more or less if you like. There is a mixture of creative activities like making up a dance or song, making a paper spitfire, preparing for a picnic and there are more independent tasks too. I have included a VE Day comprehension in the RWM timetable as well.


You may have noticed that although Friday is a Bank Holiday I have still put plans for Friday in the timetable. Obviously this is not compulsory! You may choose to 'bank' (hehe) all of the VE Day activities for this day or not choose to do them at all.


Please be aware on the Comprehension Cards that some of the answer cards are on the same sheet as the questions! So you might want to cut them off or fold them over.


Don't forget you can request a phone call from me if you would like. Unfortunately I am unable to go into school at the moment due to my own family circumstances so I can't call you all. But if you would like to me to call for a catch up then please email me your phone number and I'd be happy to call.


Take care all,

Miss T x

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