Tewin Cowper

CofE Primary School

Small School Big Dreams

WEEK 6. 8th-12th February 2021

Welcome to Week 6. At the end of this week is is CHINESE NEW YEAR, so I have put together a bank of themed activities. The whole school is sharing this focus so you might be able to complete some tasks with your siblings if you have any in school. 

I will update the zoom timetable below asap.

MON: Introduction to the week.

TUE: Let's have a game of Bingo, but using Chinese numbers! Have a pencil and piece of paper ready!

WED: Let's play a Chinese themed game of 'Hangman'.

THU: We will try and do a Rob Biddulph tutorial together over zoom- have a pencil and piece of paper ready!

FRI: YAY we've made it to Half Term (almost!). Share the piece of work you're most proud of from this 1/2 term.