Tewin Cowper

CofE Primary School

Small School Big Dreams

Week Nine w/c: 08.06.20

Dear Robins,


Thank you for the lovely emails, photos and work I’ve received this week. It’s always a lovely surprise to have your little faces pop up when I’m busy working at home. You’ve been up to all sorts of exciting things at home like baking, camping and bike riding.


As you will now be aware I won’t be joining those of you who are returning to school on the 15th June because I need to be at home with the baby in my tummy at the moment. I wish things were different as I miss you all terribly. Please know that I’ll be thinking of you and am happy to keep in touch with you via email until the end of term.  Those of you who are returning to school will be in the very capable hands of Mrs Brooks, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Will and Miss Fairhall.


This week’s theme is ‘The snail and the whale’ which is a lovely story about a tiny snail with ‘itchy feet’ who hitches a ride on the tail of a ‘great big, grey-blue humpback whale’ and sets off on a fabulous adventure around the world. It got me thinking of all the things that I had/ have ambitions to do, hopefully you have lots of grand plans and dreams that will come true in your lives just like the tiny snail.


Lots of love,

Mrs Cirillo and Bump x x