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World Book Day March 2020

We had a jam packed day in Year 3 on World Book Day.


Thank you to everyone who dressed up a potato for the whole school competition. They all looked fabulous and very creative!


In Finches we discussed our favourite authors and linked our Maths learning on Statistics to present some data. We collected the votes for our favourite author on a tally chart and then presented it in either a pictogram or bar chart.


Also, we made bookmarks to help us keep our page in our reading books.


In ICT we created posters using the skills we have been learning in Word to create fact file on an author or illustrator.


We read 'Grandad's Secret Giant' and created our own pieces of expanded art from a section of an illustration form the story.


We are keeping a record for our 'Share a million stories' total for Miss Mileham. Please keep filling the sheets in that were sent home.

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