Tewin Cowper

CofE Primary School

Small School Big Dreams

Zoom activities

MONDAY - Introduce the week's work and talk about the weekend.


TUESDAY - Phonics bingo

Please use the board provided below or just draw your own 9 square grid and write any 9 diagraphs or trigraphs in a random order from the options below. Then bring this to Zoom and I will call out a sound and they can check it off. Who will get bingo first?


ee  /  igh  /   air  /   sh  /   ch  /    ng  /  ck  /   qu   /   oa  /  ear  /    th   /   ai  /  oo   /  or  /   ar  /   ur  /   ow  /   er  /   oi 


WEDNESDAY - I will teach the children how to play ping pong number bonds. We would normally do this verbally but as it is zoom and we can't all talk at once can you get the children to write the numbers 1-10 on separate pieces of paper so they can hold up the answer when I give them one half of the number bond. 

e.g. I say 4 and they hold up 6. 


THURSDAY - Please have a piece of paper and a pencil handy. I am going to describe something and they have to draw what I am describing.


FRIDAY - Mrs Carnegie

Bingo card template