Tewin Cowper

CofE Primary School

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We are so grateful to THACS and the Tewin community for providing us with our very own allotment.

Children in Year 4 visit the allotment once a week to learn how to plant and care for vegetables, herbs and flowers.  

Allotment Sale - October 19th


On Friday 19th October, we had an 'Allotment Sale' outside our classroom after we had visited our patch on Thursday. We had pumpkins, courgettes, tomatoes, beetroots, butternut squash, gem squash and even a chilli! We managed to raise £39.20 for the Allotment Fund! Lots of you sent us photos and updates with what you did with the produce you bought, thank you to everyone who supported us! 

Creations from Allotment Produce

September and October 2018


In year 4, we have been visiting the allotment weekly on a Thursday afternoon. Since coming back to school in September, we have had been able to harvest a few vegetables but our main aim has been to prepare the ground ready for Spring 2019.


To prepare the ground, we have been using our new tools gifted to us by THACS to weed the plot. We have learnt how to use our tools safely and effectively, and how to weed our plot efficiently. 


On Thursday 11th September, we planted some Buddleia at the back of our plot. We are so excited to nurture it and see how it turns out!


Already we have started thinking about what we would like to plant ready for next year. We have learnt so much along the way about the seasons and what sorts of fruits, vegetables and flowers we can and can't plant on our plot.


Thank you so much to all involved in supporting us in our 'allotment antics'! So much goes on behind the scenes while we are unable to tend our plot which is much appreciated.


Kingfisher Class x