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CofE Primary School

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Our Houses

For each house (Applegate, Cowper, Walters and Watson) there are two Year 6 house captains elected each year by the Key Stage 2 members of their house.


The responsibilities of a house captain are listed below:

  • Represent the winning house each week at celebration assembly.
  • Encourage and motivate their house to earn house points
  • Support the school at sporting events and write reports on matches and competitions
  • Lead their house on Sports day, Swimming gala and other various inter-house events throughout the year
  • Role models for all children in the school.


This year our House Captains are:

Applegate: Eliza and Amelia H 

Cowper: Jesse and Isabella 

Walters: Will and Florence 

Watson: Olivia and River 


Meet the Captains.....





Amelia H:  






Isabella: I wanted to be House Captain because I wanted to try something new and I thought it would be fun. I am very happy that I got House Captain! I'm proud to represent my house and show good sportsmanship. I'm going to stay positive! I won't be mad if we lose. Go Cowper!





River: My name is River, Thank you for voting for me to be Watson's House Captain together with Olivia. I would like to encourage everyone in Watson to do the best at all times, Earning as many house points as possible so that we can be the House Champion this year! Feel free to come and talk to me if you have any concerns. Together we can make Watson even greater! Thank you!


Olivia: Hi, I am Olivia. I am House Captain of Watson (red house). I am very proud to be house captain because I absolutely love sports and I think I will be a very good house captain because I am supportive, you won't ever disappoint me! I will be very proud of you trying your very hardest! With River and I as your captains, we'll have loads of fun and together we'll be a great team. GO WATSON!!




Will: Hi, my name is Will Levy. I am the House Captain for Walters. The reason I wanted to be House Captain is because I think I will be a good leader and I love sports. I can get quite competitive. I also really enjoy the whole house points campaign. Thank you if you voted for me! 


Florence: Hi my name is Florence. I am one of the house captains of the blue team Walters. I wanted to be House Captain because I am passionate about sports. I am looking forward to supporting my fellow team-mates to be the best we can be. I love being in Walters because we have a great team spirit and all support each other. Thank you to everybody who voted for me. I promise to work hard to bring our team together and have fun.