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Our intent

At Tewin Cowper we aim to inspire the author in our children. Using a wide range of literary texts, we will immerse our children in rich vocabulary and expose them to diverse and interesting ideas to promote discussion and creativity and a love of writing. We will teach grammar skills and spelling strategies in engaging ways to ensure children are confident to write for purpose and for their chosen audience. We want our children to develop themselves as writers for life, not just for school.



We will plan exciting and appealing lessons using carefully selected texts which will be delivered with quality teaching. This will provide children with a challenging and engaging English curriculum that will provide opportunities to develop confident speakers and listeners and writers who can write clearly and coherently for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. Grammar, reading and spelling will be embedded throughout sequences of lessons to ensure reading fluency, comprehension and a rich understanding of the English language.  We will use a variety of sources for planning to ensure a depth of coverage, progression of skills and high quality outcomes. All staff will model and expect high standards in writing, handwriting and presentation across the whole curriculum, skills learnt in English will be applied to writing in all subjects. We will support and encourage our children to achieve their potential so that all children can be proud of the work they produce and celebrate their own progress.

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