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THACS Tewin Village

THACS (Tewin Horticultural Arts and Crafts Society) was formed in 2001 to promote enthusiasm for gardening, garden design and local arts and crafts. As a school, we are invited each year to take part in the THACS Autumn and Spring shows. Each class enters a competition dedicated to their year group which could encompass flower arranging, horticulture, arts & crafts, photography or cooking. 


Adults and children from the local community can enter the competition and attend the show. You can guarantee to be awe-struck by unique designs and talents in many areas such as water colour paintings, photographs, sketches, flower arrangements, beautifully formed vegetables, colossal vegetables and many many more!


It's a wonderful event to attend and look at the children's work amongst the local villagers. We look forward to seeing you there to enjoy the childrens' work with us!